Mission Statement, Definition

With simplicity at its core, our business model is designed around the idea that every product must be useful, intelligent in one way or another, and affordable by the majority of our end-users. Every product that Mehr® designs, or distributes, is made based on the highest quality standards available on the market.

The registered trademark Mehr® is derived from its ancient Zoroastrian origin, Mithra, meaning the protector of truth.

Email: info@mehrent.com


Our products currently include -- but are not limited to -- clothing and accessories, simple yet elegant and useful key chains and automotive accessories, high-quality cellphone cases, as well as efficient home and industrial LED lighting solutions.


While the majority of our products are currently available on Amazon.com, Mehr® will be introducing its own online sales channels by the first quarter of 2017. Mehrshop.com will be a destination where most of our customers can gain access to our products at significantly lower prices through a simpler and faster check-out process.


All products must be self-explanatory, and carefully tested before distribution. Failure odds are carefully considered and calculated before product launches, resulting in a few high-quality product lines provided through efficient presentations, minimalist packaging, and accurate descriptions; which, in turn, result in below-average return rates.


Our mission is to keep our profit margins as low as possible, resulting in a simple expansion strategy that can attract customers primarily through word-of-mouth and high customer satisfaction ratings. We strongly believe that every product should be useful enough to find its own way up through the market, without the need to run costly marketing and advertising campaigns.

About Us

Our mission is to provide extremely high-quality products needed by everyone at affordable prices.

Mehr's journey began in the beginning of 2013 with mobile application development, and gradually transcended into digital marketing and e-commerce.
Today, Mehr® designs and develops its own lines of products, focusing primarily on items that the average individuals or businesses need on a daily-basis.